At McDowells, O'Connell Street, our Service Department undertake a wide range of watch and jewellery repairs on all manner of items. We have a dedicated in-house team of experienced Watchmakers who carry out service work. We also have a team of highly trained Goldsmiths, Master Engravers, Silver Polishers and Watch and Jewellery Valuers. From battery replacements, watch overhaul services (including vintage items), jewellery repairs, silver repairs, engraving, polishing, pearl restringing to watch, jewellery and antique silver valuations for insurance and probate our service centre staff are happy to advise you how to best care for your treasured items.

To book an appointment for any of the following services please email or call +353 1 8744961.


Sterling Silver ring up one size €25.00. €10.00 per size thereafter

9ct yellow ring up one size €40.00. €15.00 per size thereafter

9ct white ring up one size €50.00. €15.00 per size thereafter 

18ct yellow ring up one size €70.00. €30.00 per size thereafter

18ct white ring up one size €70.00. €45.00 per size thereafter

Platinum ring up one size €120.00. €50.00 per size thereafter


Ring re-plating for white gold rings is available and conducted by our in-house goldsmith. We also offer a polishing service for platinum and palladium rings.

White Gold Rhodium plate €45.00

Platinum/Palladium Ring Polish €45.00


Jewellery Valuation - €125 for first item + €25 for every additional item thereafter

Pearl restring - prices from €50


Battery replacement - €15 for standard battery without reseal

Battery replacement - €25 for luxury watch brands

In-house watch service - prices from €200

To book an appointment for any of these services please email or call +353 1 8744961.

Terms & Conditions of Repairs Services

1. Any items sent externally from McDowells for estimate incur a FIXED CHARGE of €50 applies, if on provision of the estimate the proposed repair is DECLINED FOR ANY REASON. These charges cover the secure transportation of the item and the cost incurred by McDowells from the supplier in the preparation of the estimate.

2. I have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions as stated above and overleaf. I acknowledge that all items are covered fully by my own insurance

3. Articles must be covered by the terms of the Customer’s own insurance policy when in our care as they are not covered by the insurance of ‘McDowells’.

4. Articles may be sent to an external agency and/ or abroad for repair or estimate. This may be undertaken without further authority from the customer.

5. All articles not collected within 60 days of notification of their availability will be sold to recover the cost of labour and materials.

6. Dates quoted for return of articles are approximate only and ‘McDowells’ shall not be liable for any loss due to delay, howsoever caused.

7. Differences may arise between the original specifications and/ or finish of an article and in the aftermath of a repair - viz unavoidable marks may be rendered to the case of a watch in circumstances where pressure must be applied to open the watch. Any parts supplied during a repair are done so on an exchange basis - old/used parts are not returned.

8. The description of any article is based on a visual inspection only. Terms such as: ‘silver’, ‘gold’, ‘pearl’, ‘diamond’,... etc. May be used in a descriptive manner only and does not necessarily indicate the actual quality of an item.

9. No watch is guaranteed to be water-resistant after examination or repair unless specifically stated to be so.

10. We can only guarantee actual work carried out. In the event of any part-job repair, only said repair will carry a warranty.

11. Watch overhauls and most part-jobs carry a limited 12 month warranty. However some repairs may have a shorter warranty (e.g. pearl restringing: 6 months). All warranties exclude accidental damage and damage due to misuse. All warranties are effective from the date of job completion.

12. The ‘charge’ is based on an initial examination only and is subject to revision after further examination.

13. The customer is advised to check, prior to leaving the store (i) the receipt issued to them upon leaving an article and (ii) the same upon collection, as any mistakes cannot be subsequently rectified. Articles shall be inspected at the time of collection and unless the customer notifies ‘McDowells’ of any defect which would be apparent from a reasonable inspection, articles shall be deemed to be free of such defects.

14. No order for repair/valuation may be cancelled except with the agreement of ‘McDowells’ and on the terms that the customer shall indemnify ‘McDowells’ in full against all loss (including loss of profits), costs (including the cost of all labour and materials used) and expenses incurred by ‘McDowells’ as a result of cancellation.