McDowells are here to help you understand the gemstones associated with each month and to help you find the perfect gift to match.


Garnet - January

Garnet is a deep red colour gemstone, which in ancient times was said to naturally resemble grain. It is fitting therefore, that garnet derives its name from Latin, Granatus, meaning ‘like a grain’. The gemstone used to signify the birth month of January is historically said to bring guidance, fidelity, and victory to the wearer. Shop Garnet Jewellery.

Amethyst - February

Amethyst, birthstone of February babies, is a light lilac or violet colour gemstone. Amethyst can be found in granite and other such rocks, and when exposed to heat will lighten in colour – Citrine, the yellow gemstone, is created by these means. Taking its name from the Greek words meaning ‘not dunk’ – ‘Á Methustos’: amusingly, the Greeks would drink from goblets made of Amethyst believing it would prevent intoxication. Shop Amethyst Jewellery.

Aquamarine - March

Best known as the birthstone for March babies, Aquamarine is a gorgeous light blue-green, sheer gemstone. The gemstones unique colour gave birth to its name which is derived from the original Latin words meaning “Seawater”. While aquamarine has many historical myths and beliefs associated with it, we do know that the Greeks and Romans named is as the sailor’s gemstone: a stone that would keep them safe on their voyages. Today aquamarine is most commonly set in white gold or platinum jewellery and symbolizes a March birthday. Shop Aquamarine jewellery here.

Diamond - April

The rarest, most precious and valuable gemstone of all, Diamond is known as the gemstone of love and eternity. Known as the strongest natural material, the cliché “diamonds are forever” is well justified. Diamonds are a naturally occurring gemstone which forms in carbon. Diamonds are valued mainly by the measure of their Colour: how ‘white’ the stone is; Clarity: how little natural inclusions have occurred in the stone; Carat: a measure of weight, not physical size; and Cut: the quality and shape the diamond has been cut to. Diamonds are most commonly used as the main gemstone in Engagement and Eternity rings, but they are also the birthstone for the month of April. Shop diamonds rings.

Emerald - May

Emerald stones are bluish-green in colour and come from the beryl gemstone variety. Best known as the birthstone for the month of May, Emerald is one of the most precious coloured gemstones in the world. Treasured throughout history, Cleopatra was known for her love of the gemstone. Elizabeth Taylor famously owned one of the most valuable emerald pendants in the world and in 2011 it sold for a whopping $6,578,500. Emerald jewellery is typically set in yellow gold, white gold and platinum. Shop Emerald Jewellery. 

Pearl - June

Historically loved and known for their beauty and rarity, pearls have long been cherished as a symbol of wealth. Different in look and texture to most gemstones, pearls are considered ‘organic’ as they are produced by oysters and other shellfish. Rarer, are natural pearls which occur spontaneously in the wild – these natural pearls are extremely valuable. Pearl jewellery is best associated with the birthstone for the month of June. Shop Pearl Jewellery.  

Ruby - July

Rubies are normally deep red in colour and best known as the birthstone for the month of July. They are the most valuable coloured stone and command the highest price per carat of any coloured stone. Ruby gemstones are common in fine jewellery and rings and tend to be set in white gold, yellow gold and platinum. Shop Ruby Jewellery.  

Peridot - August

Peridot is a light green, yellow-green stone which found in the earth’s core and in lava. Historically, the ancient Egyptians found Peridot gemstones on the Islands surrounded by the Red Sea, and to this day locations like Zabargad remain some of the world’s biggest sources of peridot stones. Peridot is best loved for its bright colour and is commonly set in fine and costume jewellery. Shop Peridot Jewellery.

Sapphire - September

Sapphire is most commonly a luxurious, dark blue gemstone. It is associated with the world’s most known engagement ring – that originally worn by Princess Diana, now worn by Princess Catherine (Kate). Sapphires also exist in a variety of colours including pink, violet, black and brown. Sapphires are found mostly in Nigeria, Tanzania, Madagascar and China. Sapphire is the birthstone for the month of September - Shop Sapphire Jewellery.

Opal - October

Opal gemstones are unique in appearance and in texture to any other gem. Their appearance can be compared to stars, galaxies and fireworks as they hold an array of colours and designs like no other. The Romans valued opals as the most precious of all, as they consisted of the colours of all other gemstones. Most commonly mined in Ethiopia, Peru, Brazil and Australia, opal gemstones are associated with the month of October. Shop Opal Jewellery.

Citrine - November

Citrine is a light yellow to orange coloured quartz gemstone. Citrine is the world’s top-selling yellow gemstone because of its combined durability and affordability. It is the birthstone for November and is commonly set in yellow gold, white gold and silver. Shop Citrine Jewellery.

Tanzanite - December

A gentle blue, purple colour sheer gemstone, Tanzanite is exceptionally rare as it is found in only one place on Earth – the Merelani Hills of Tanzania. Tanzanite is one of three claimed birthstones for the month of December, including Turquoise and Zircon.